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Abdulai Hussein

Communications Manager, GNEC

Technology Professional

Abdulai graduated from Drew University with a major in Economics and Biology. While still a student at Drew, Abdulai had the pleasure of hearing GNEC then Executive Director Mike Wall give a talk about the mission and work that GNEC does. It resonated with Abdulai and he decided to intern at GNEC that following summer. Since graduatinG, Abdulai joined GNEC full time to help us with our marketing efforts especially as it relates to Technology Business Support Initiative. He has then developed deeper relationship with local business resource organizations and small businesses. Abdulai has been instrumental in helping us get entrenched into the burgeoning technology entrepreneurship scene in the Greater Newark Region. He now leads our new Technology Business Support Initiative – designed to help founders, CEOs, and principals scale-up their businesses in a sustainable way.  

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to play soccer every chance I get. If I am not playing soccer, then you may see me listening to interesting podcasts or books.

What inspires you? I am inspired by the strength of the human condition. We can go through some of the most horrible things and still find ways to persevere.

Why are you in nonprofit work? What emotional reasons? Nonprofits provide the opportunity to work for a cause much greater than the bottom line can justify. In a for profits organizations, there are great missions being worked on, but at the same time they need to please investors which sometimes contradict the mission of working for the clients. In a nutshell, I have decided to work with GNEC because I get the opportunity to serve people in my community.

Who is a hero of yours? Bill Gates is one. As stated above, I think he is able to balance the two – pleasing investors and now in the second act of his life working for great causes through his nonprofits.

What’s something quirky about you? I can eat about 2-3 of the same meals everyday for weeks.

What can people ask you about? I.e What are your hobbies? Ask me about using technology for your business. Ask me a strange question.

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