Business Tools


Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation (GNEC) does not endorse any particular resource.
However, GNEC offers options to be explored.

General Business Resources:

  • Spark Business IQ by Capital One provides resources and tools for that help you turn your great business ideas into inspired plans of action. Lead your company to greatness with guides, articles, and other insights to help you reach your goal. Resources and tools includes:
  • Earn rewards for saving! Check out Saver Life, a program by EARN and with support from Capital One. We have a unique URL if you are interested in using it to register people to save.
    • You will have the opportunity to select a savings goal and set a personal monthly goal amount. The purpose of this goal is to challenge yourself to save more than $20. Although we hope you’ll reach your personal goal every month, reaching your goal or saving more than $20 will not increase your rewards.

Credit Resources:

  • Sources to obtain a copy of your credit report:
  • Three Major Credit Reporting Agencies/Bureaus: Experian, Equifax, Trans Union.
  • CreditWise by Capital One is a free credit montoring tool available online and as an app for both iOS and Android
    • Visit Capital One’s website here for more information and to sign-in.
  • Capital One and the Better Business Bureau have a Managing Credit micro site available here. It is split into two sections:
      • Business Insights – resources and tools that help you turn great ideas into inspired plans of action
      • Consumer Insights – stay current with the latest tips and information to help you manage your finances
    • offers comprehensive, objective and free resources, strategies, worksheets and tools for comparing credit offers and options, estimating credit scores, and managing your debt.

Business Plan Templates/Modeling Tools:

  • Capital One:
    • Business Plan Workbook: A step-by-step business plan workbook helps you create your business plan without creating a headache.
  • Wells Fargo Bank (WF):
  • Business Plan Tool: With a cloud-based tool, you can work on your plan from any of your connected devices. This business plan tool provides a simple, easy-to-use wizard to help you create cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet statements automatically.
  • Competitive Intelligence Tool: The tool helps you manage and grow your business by comparing your business to competitors; mapping your competitors, customers, and suppliers; and finding the best places to target your next advertising campaign.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA):
    • Business Plan Templates: Most business plans fall into one of two common categories: traditional or lean startup. No matter which category your business falls into, you can always find a template fitting your business on SBA’s website.

Education Resources:


A financial literacy partnership between Consumer Action and Capital One that provides multilingual educational modules on improving credit. Money-wise also provides curricula and teaching aids to train community-based organization staff so that all consumers can be reached.

    • Ask Max:  Experian’s Consumer Credit Education (
      The credit reporting industry’s consumer credit advice column. Maxine Sweet answers consumer questions in her bi-weekly column. Its powerful search engine lets you find answers by keyword and topic.

Patrick Ritchie’s book provides a practical guide to navigating your way to good credit. (

An Edvisors company, is a leading provider of education resources and financial services around student financial aid. The website offers information, advice, and services to students, their parents and the financial aid community.

The business credit premier reporting agency. Access news and advice on establishing a business, building businesses, and optimizing business credit.