Connecting you to resources and capital solutions

Our sole purpose for existence is to help entrepreneurs like you start or grow your business by providing the resources and capital solutions critical to business success. We believe that entrepreneurs who leverage the limited resources available to them are the ones who ultimately succeed.


GNEC assists clients in identifying appropriate financing options, whether it is through the expansion or connection of those options. GNEC can provide loans of up to $100K for fixed terms of up to five years. Loans larger than $100K become enveloped within our robust banking partnership network.

Technical Assistance

GNEC specializes in needs-based counseling and technical assistance to businesses at all stages of development. In addition to providing a free Financial Capacity Assessment to ascertain your financial condition, GNEC has implemented a fee for service model that addresses every stage and phase of your business journey.


In addition to our deployment of capital, some of GNEC products / services are:

Financial Capacity Assessments

Loan Packaging / Bundling / Referrals

Reviewing of Financials / Tax Returns

Cash Flow Analyses

Business Plan Reviews

Partnership Programs

GNEC has facilitated its work strategically with multiple marketing methods of community outreach and programming. GNEC primarily disseminates program information through local linkage partners throughout the target areas to representatives of local service agencies, community programs, community leaders, banks, parent organizations, faith-based institutions, merchant’s associations, chambers of commerce and advocacy groups (i.e. disability).


As previously mentioned, GNEC’s UEDI™ is designed to drive the dream of the entrepreneur desiring to expand a business. Materials and financial workshops when applicable, are offered in English and Spanish and is open to everyone. UEDI™ has provided entrepreneurial training courses, currently however, UEDI works with a variety of non-profits organizations and business entities to provide access to financing and individualized technical assistance to qualified loan applicants.

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