Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing Consumers! Act Now!

Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing Consumers! Act Now!

Courtesy: – September, 2019.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) proposed rule on debt collection—that will impact nearly 71 million American consumers!—does more to shield debt collectors from being sued for abusive behavior than it does to protect consumers from being harassed by telephone, email and social media.

The proposed rule would allow debt collectors to:

  • Ring you seven times per week—per debt—meaning consumers with eight medical debts could legally receive 56 calls a week!
  • Contact you by text, email or direct message (an unlimited number of times) without your permission
  • Sue you without confirming that you are the right person who owes the debt
  • Collect “zombie” debt that is so old that the deadline for a lawsuit has passed

Take action now! Share your personal experience with debt collector harassment with the CFPB. Tell the CFPB to create a rule that stands up for consumers, not debt collectors! The deadline to comment is Sept. 18.


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